Meet the Maker!

It’s Meet the Maker March so what better time to introduce myself and shed a little light on how Adelais came to be.

I’m Kate - the maker behind Adelais Jewellery. I’m a wife, mom and mompreneur. I started taking jewellery courses while still working in the corporate world and was immediately hooked. What began as a way to be creative in my off hours and make meaningful gifts for family and friends has now become my career.


I decided after the birth of our daughter (more on her to come) that I wouldn’t return to my corporate job and would stay home to focus on family and Adelais. That was 2016 and it’s been a busy year and a half.

I’m very comfortable making and creating jewellery and terrible at putting myself, especially photos onto social media world, it’s a good thing I have an awesome team who help me get the Adelais word out. That being said, as a consumer I know that I like to see and read the stories of the small businesses that I support. So with that in mind, here are 3 random facts about me.

1. I’m the mom of one incredible little girl - Arya and am expecting my second soon (both pictured here). Pregnancy and I are not super compatible (read: I hate being pregnant) and this pregnancy has been a real struggle. I have been on modified bedrest since December. However, I was just told that I can start some light activity which means I can once again go for a walk. This is a huge win for me.

2. I am an animal lover and grew up on a hobby farm with a veterinarian father (and now my sister too). I grew up surrounded by animals and wouldn’t have it any other way. We currently (key word) have one awesome pup named Jax and two adorable cats. If my husband didn’t keep me in check in our city life, I would have more animals and plan to one day when we move out to the country (Chickens? Yes, please!)

Be sure to check out our side hustle @jaxpettoys which was inspired by our pup. 


3. While I haven’t done as much in the past few years, I am an avid traveller and love the outdoors. You could put me on a plane to just about anywhere and I would be happy to head off exploring.

I am currently building stock and trying to plan to take a bit of a break when our second child arrives, but I sometimes have trouble turning off my business brain. I love what I do! I was on maternity leave with my first child but now being self-employed I won’t be able to do so with our second so I’m hoping to be able to manage the new born/entrepreneur lifestyle balance. Something I’m sure all the mompreneurs out there can understand. Anyone have any tips to share?

We love hearing from our followers – leave a comment below to share mom tips and tricks and to let us know what you thought.

We’re planning to add the blog as a regular on as we continue to build our brand.

Thanks for popping over,


Kate Slater