Kate at Work


All of my jewellery begins as an idea. Sometimes using pen and paper to sketch out an idea, other times diving right in to experiment with the metal. I design and create distinctive pieces that showcase the simple beauty of precious metal and natural gemstones.

My passion and appreciation for the craftsmanship of jewellery started at a young age, creating custom pieces for family and friends.  This passion was further fuelled when I pursued the Fundamental Jewellery Skills certificate at George Brown College. After more than 10 years working in a corporate environment I made the decision to leave my job and share my love of jewellery with the world.  With a young child at home keeping me on my toes, this gave me the opportunity to work from my home studio in East York. 

My love for the art of the craft continually drives me to refine my skills and explore the endless possibilities that precious metals provide.  My philosophy is to create distinctive pieces that showcase the simple beauty in raw metal and natural gemstones, while adding a modern twist. 

For me, there is no greater satisfaction than bringing my ideas to life in my work.